Ahoy-hoy: Notes on the history of human communications

From prehistoric rock-art, the alphabet, strange military experiments, and the internet, this book tells some of the most interesting stories of how human communications have developed. Find out how communications tools have been used for nefarious means, and the future implications of using these tools.

Tyred Out, Cycling Adventures in Scotland

I've written an awesome book! It's a collection of short stories about cycling adventures in Scotland. Starting with a crash, then crossing the country from coast to coast, visiting the islands and west coast, and ending with some bike-packing, a haunted bothy and a race.

The Cairngorm Faeries

High in the Cairngorm mountains of Scotland live a group of naughty and mischievous faeries. They are quite like the fairies found at the bottom of your garden, except they have crazy hair, a terrible sense of fashion, and they have to watch out for hungry mountain monsters.
If you ever visit the mountains, look out for tiny doorways hidden on the hillsides. You may be lucky and spot a faerie or two.

The book is a collection of short stories, describing some of the adventures the faeries get up to.