The Cairngorm Faeries

The Cairngorm Faeries is a children's book my daughter and I have written together. It has brilliant illustrations by Katy Ritty.

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High in the Cairngorm mountains of Scotland live a group of naughty and mischievous faeries. They are quite like the fairies found at the bottom of your garden, except they have crazy hair, a terrible sense of fashion, and they have to watch out for hungry mountain monsters.

If you ever visit the mountains, look out for tiny doorways hidden on the hillsides. You may be lucky and spot a faerie or two.

The book is a collection of short stories, describing some of the adventures the faeries get up to.

"In the middle of Scotland there is a range of mountains called the Cairngorms. This is a relatively new name for the mountains. They used to have an old Gaelic name; Am Monadh Ruadh, which means 'the red hills'. Indeed the mountain tops can still be seen to glow a red colour in the evening sun."

"A tight black ball hanging from the top corner near the ceiling started to move. First a small hole opened in the ball, it was rimmed with pointy teeth. A red tongue stretched out of the hole and “Yawwwwwwwwnnnnnnn”, a sound accompanied it. Next a thin leg unwrapped itself and stretched out long and straight before relaxing itself. Then another leg slowly stretched out. Then another leg appeared, then another, and another, and another, and then…….two more.
Waffles the spider was awake."

"It was washing day. Most of the other faeries were down at the loch washing piles of smelly underpants in the cool green waters. Bubbles floated up through the air as they scrubbed and squashed and squeezed the clothes. Other faeries were hanging the small clothes up to dry on washing lines hung between the trees. Some of the children were playing on a rope swing at the other side of the loch and jumping and swimming in the water."