Tyred Out, Cycling Adventures in Scotland book

I've written an awesome book! It's a collection of short stories about cycling adventures in Scotland. Starting with a crash, then crossing the country from coast to coast, visiting the islands and west coast, and ending with some bike-packing, a haunted bothy and a race.

Below you can find some extra related photos and videos.


  • Crash
  • Coast-to-Coast off-road
  • Capital Trail
  • Mull
  • Ben Alder
  • The Outer Hebrides and Skye
  • West Coast
  • Mountain Bike Orienteering
  • Gravel Race

  • Crash

    Coast to Coast off-road

        Starting in Kyle of Lochalsh in the north-west and crossing the widest part of Scotland to reach the east coast in Montrose, it looked good. It promised adventure, beauty and excellent mountain biking, all contained within a five to seven day long, 270 kilometre mostly off-road route.

        The more of the route description I read, the more interested I became. I'd never really contemplated the possibility of a multi-day mountain biking trip before, but as I read on, it seemed like a pretty good way to spend a holiday.

    The Capital Trail

    Capital Trail Website

    The Capital Trail, 2015 from Dave Blair on Vimeo.


        Looking at a map of Scotland, Mull looked like a good bet, it's the second largest of the Western Isles (excepting the distant Outer Hebrides), with only Skye being larger. So with its almost 300 mile long coastline it was certainly big enough to spend a few days cycling around.

    Ben Alder - McCook's Cottage

        It was the middle of winter. One of the wettest, most miserable winters in living memory.

        The trees were a frozen whitish shade of green, crystals of ice clinging to the pine needles. The steam from our breath drifted across and made cloudy patterns in our beams of light.

    The Outer Hebrides and Skye

        Al and I were once again on the move, and back on our way to Oban, the main Ferry terminal from which we could travel onwards to the western isles. We'd met in Glasgow before taking the final three hour train up to the coast.
        This time we had a rough plan to visit the Outer Hebrides which neither of us had visited before. I'd looked at these islands many times on maps and thought about getting myself out to them, but somehow I'd never got around to it.
        And so, on a grey misty day, we were once again, passing the time in Oban drinking coffee while waiting for the ferry to start loading.

    West Coast

        We were on the move once again. This time we were headed to the west coast of Scotland. The almost mythically beautiful part of the mainland. Marked out by quiet single-track roads, a lack of people and wild scenes of majesty, this area has been the destination for more adventurous tourists since the middle of the 18th century when an admiration of order and harmony developed into a love for romanticism and hence, places of immense beauty.

    Mountain Bike Orienteering


    Gravel race - Dirty Reiver

    Dirty Reiver website

    Dirty Reiver 200 - Kielder 2016 from Dave Blair on Vimeo.