Guitar building

I recently got a Telecaster guitar kit as a present. I like guitars, I like building things. Seemed like a fun project.

It was pretty cheap for a guitar. Let see what it turns out like after a bit of work.

Click 'Read more' to see how the build went.

Arcade Machine

Built from only the finest cheap plywood. Only been done by literally hundreds of others. I give arcade machine!...with a book shelf.

Powered by a Raspberry Pi 2 B.

Here's how it was built, and how I fixed the issues I came across.

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Portable wireless, internet enabled air quality data collector.

I'm building a cheap, small, arduino based, wireless, internet enabled and battery powered air quality data logger.

It currently shows data collected from in my house (in Edinburgh, UK).

The last frame below is a copy of the data being stored on an SD card on the device which allows for data collection when a wireless connection isn't available.

Click here for more detailed build information

Small particles= no. of particles >2.5 micron(um) per 0.1 cubic feet detected in 30 seconds (pollen, mold, dust mites,heavier dust).

Arduino 8*8 LED matrix

Made this: an arduino controlled 8*8 LED matrix which plays pong, scrolling text, and displays the temperature (using a thermistor bridge circuit). Need to find some tinted perspex to put on the front.

The scrolling looks a bit odd due to camera scan. It's fine in real life.

Extra points for anyone who knows the movie playing in the background.

Gmittook - 1.5

Gmittook is a popular, free, lightweight, cross-platform Twitter client. It can also be set up as an email notification client with an inbuilt email viewer.

New: Fixed issue to work with Twitter API update

This all-in-one tool makes it easy to reply to your friends and share information between Twitter from a single desktop window.
Or you can use it just as a Twitter client on it's own.

Tweet scheduler:

This new version allows you to set scheduled text tweets.

View tweet locations on map:

It also includes a tweet mapping viewer, search for any topic (eg. snow, rain) and see where recent tweets have been sent from. This uses the geolocation data included with some tweets.