Glentress Seven - race

Doing this as a solo on Saturday - should be fun!

Super Human Endurance Against High Electrical Current

Is there any person in the world that can run high electrical current through their body and survive? Current Mohan claims he can.

When a town runs dry

A short doc about the town of Stratford, in California. Years of drought is threatening the local community.

When A Town Runs Dry from Go Project Films on Vimeo.


"Bill's fifty-two years old, has a mountain man beard, and delivers pizza on a fixie in Brooklyn. Over the course of several shifts, DELIVERY unveils an intriguing man rushing food to your door while it's still hot and fresh."

Selkirk MTB Marathon

I'm having my first go at this at the weekend. Supposed to be really good fun route. Bit more technical than gravel racing.

Prince was pretty good at guitar.

Eric Clapton was asked about how it felt to be the world's best guitarist*
His response: "I don't know. Ask Prince."

Watch his guitar dissapear at the end.

*this probably isn't true.

Dirty Reiver gravel challange - Kielder

Did this at the weekend. I think it was the hardest ride I've ever done.
Took me 10 Hours 35 minutes.

Cashless society

Maybe we shouldn't be rushing towards a cashless society if we value our freedom? Pushing all transaction through a small number of bottlenecks makes it easy for governments to censor and control what you do. Using terrorism and crime as an excuse to collate spending data isn't good for everyone else.

A great article from The Atlantic investigates and discusses the issues.

Richie Jackson's "Death Skateboards"

Some original tricks and a cool video.

Time Machine - Improv anywhere

Look at this thing! Look at it.

Kinetic Sculpture

These kinetic sculptures are amazing! Created by Anthony Howe and completely wind powered these curved-metal designs reach up to 25 feet high, and are on display in public spaces around the world.

One of those days 3 - Candide Thovex

There are clearly cuts, but how much is cgi?

X-ray audio

A great short documentary about music, often banned, which was copied onto used medical x-rays in the 50s in Russia. the doc includes interviews with the folks who helped make and distribute the x-ray records.

"The iconic images of gramophone grooves cut onto x-rays of skulls, ribcages and bones have captured the collective imagination way beyond the music scene. Now for the first time, the complete story of the Soviet x-ray record has emerged, as told by the people who made it happen."

Walking contest

Directed, Shot & Edited by Vania Heymann
Starring, Original Music & Written by Daniel Koren

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