Gmittook - Troubleshooting

Extra files appearing on desktop when Gmittook is run

If you notice extra files appearing on the desktop. Then just move the main executable to folder somewhere else on your computer and right-click on the main file-> Create shortcut on the desktop. Use the shortcut to start the program.

Not showing all Facebook posts
If you notice that Gmittook isn't showing all the posts in your feed as you see it on the facebook website, then here's what's up:

In FB privacy settings, users can "Edit your settings" under "Apps and Websites". If you check "Info accessible through your friends" and then click on "Edit Settings", you will see that you can set what information the FaceBook API will deliver to other websites and apps.

Gmittook is one of these apps. If you don't have things like "My status updates" checked in here, then your friends won't be able to see your updates through Gmittook. Likewise, Gmittook won't be able to show you your friends' posts to you unless they have the appropriate boxes checked.