2014 Highland Trail 550 race

An insight into the 2014 Highland Trail Race - UK's toughest bikepacking race along an uncompromising 550 mile route through the Highlands of Scotland.

Started as a practice run for races such as Ride the Divide, the Highland Trail has become a established challenge of it's own. It may not be as long, but the terrain and weather more than make up for it.

Maybe next year..if not the race..then maybe the route.

Exposed Routes - Mountain Biking Scotland

A mountain biking route guide book with some of the more spectacular, longer, and less well know routes in Scotland. As well as a couple of the best classics updated.

17 routes across Scotland, with detailed descriptions and annotated maps (Open Street/Cycle maps) in an easy to carry format (102 pages).

Also provided are notes about the areas you are passing through, including some history and the wildlife you may be lucky enough to see.