Clear space on SSD . Windows/Installer folder is huge!

Arrrrggghh on my own PC the SSD (110Gb) is full.
Digging around I can see the Windows/Installer folder is huge. Can we move it to my secondary hard drive?

What is this folder anyway?
- The WIndows installer cache. It keeps a local copy of everything you install so you can later uninstall it.
- It's not used too often so doesn't really need to be on the SSD. But you def want to keep it. Otherwise Add/remove programs will break and become messy.
- Mine was almost 45Gb!

How to fix:
I made a d:\windows folder and copied the C:\windows\installer folder into it
rename the c:\windows\installer to c:\windows\installer_old

Now startup an administrative cmd prompt
Now type
cd \windows
mklink /d installer d:\installer

This will create a directory shortcut between where Windows expects to find this folder and where it actually is.

Once this is all successful, delete the c:\windows\installer folder to free up a load of space.