Exposed Routes: updates

Here's a few updates for the routes in my route guidebook for mountain biking in Scotland. There's only one small diversion that I know of; Route 16 in the Pentlands near Edinburgh (see below). The rest of the routes described in the book are all good as far as I'm aware.
I do, however, also have a few interesting alternatives/improvements to a couple of the routes that I've found since it was published:

Route 1 : The Three Brethren
Notes: You can extend this route by riding through Bowhill house and following the track to the top of the hill where you follow the Queens Drive back down to near Yarrowford. It a great track with awesome views along the way.
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Route 8: Calendar - Glen Finglas
Notes: Go around the opposite side of the loch where a new footpath takes you all the way to Brig O'turk.
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Route 16: Pentlands - Theives road
Notes: The nice bit of track road (55.780,-3.385) leading up from Badinsgill House to Badinsgill reservoir has now been blocked by the owners in the name or rearing baby grouse. They are also trying to discourage people from going down the track as you can see in the photos below. Unfortunately for them we have Statutory Access Rights in Scotland, so they can't really stop you. Either take the track and go around the grouse enclosure, or just go a little further up the hill and along the upper edge of the forest via a field.